Education is the cornerstone of individual and community success. All children deserve the chance to grow into healthy, educated and productive members of society no matter where or when they are born. But with almost half of the world’s youth not completing or having access to secondary education and only 4.5 percent of world GDP dedicated to education, opportunities abound to develop educational capacity and programs around the world.


United Way takes a holistic approach to developing educational capacity. Education is more than just a classroom or a teacher. In order for youth to receive a quality education, it takes the focus and resources of the entire community to create learning-rich environments where dreams are fueled and opportunities are delivered to those who need them.

United Way delivers on its education promises in a variety of ways around the world and creates opportunities for a better life for all.

Through education projects, children from families in need are supported to attend school or return to school. They are involved in activities that help them prepare for lessons, but also in extracurricular activities (excursions, visits, sports activities, creative) usually with their peers or other community members.