Redirect 2% to United Way

Redirect 2% of your annual income tax to United Way. Together we can help children in difficulty go to school!


An example are twins Andreea and Maria, aged 7 years, who live with two other younger siblings and their parents in one small room. Their family was facing difficulties as their only income were the 600 lei (130 euro) salary of their father and the children’s four allowances, when they entered our program.

Both parents were illiterate, they had never been to school. That’s why, when they faced the twins’ school enrolment, they didn’t know what steps to follow, were scared of the costs of education and of not being able to help their children with homework.

They heard from some neighbours about the day care centre that United Way Romania supports in their area they live in. Here they were helped with enrolling Andreea and Maria in school, with clothes and school supplies, support in doing homework and even with providing free dental treatment for the two girls. At school, the twins were among the first in the class who learned to read and now receive constant positive feedback from their teacher.

In their own turn, the parents went through a literacy program at the centre, where they regularly went to meetings. Moreover, their mother (uninsured) was included in a program of free health care, and the next objective was to support her in finding a job.

Today, the twins, their younger siblings and their parents are an independent family thanks to the support we, as a community, managed to offer them.


Redirect 2% of your annual income tax and give a chance to children like Andreea and Maria. With the 2%, we can ensure children in United Way programs: school supplies, warm meals, support in homework and a proper assistance in day care centres.

The 2% form doesn’t involve costs for the donor, just 5 minutes to print it, fill it out and send it to us, so we can submit it to ANAF (the National Agency for Tax Administration).


Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Download the 230 form (if your income comes from salary only) or 200 form (if your income comes from extra-salary sources)
  2. Fill it out and send it to:
  • United Way România, 9-9A Dimitrie Pompei Blvd., Raiffeisen Learning Campus, sector 2, 020335, Bucharest – by May 10


  • your Agency for Tax Administration – by May 25.

Together, we can change the lives of so many children like Andreea and Maria!

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