United Way undergoes a consultation process with the organizations that tackle social problems in their communities. We meet with interesting people to find out what they do, why they do it and how we can help. National and local NGOs, authorities, initiative groups, community leaders, parents, students, teachers, social assistants, education specialists – they all have relevant experiences and solutions we want to hear about.

So far we’ve met with 38 national and local NGOs, authorities (Police, Prisons Administration, Social Protection Direction, Social Assistance Department at the University of Bucharest, elementary schools), journalists, parents and students, parents with children with disabilities, retired people.

We were glad to see how involved they were in solving their community’s problems, each according to their resources. We were especially happy to see so many community initiatives becoming possible because the community members work together. We want, together with NGOs, authorities and companies, to find a way of putting together our resources and help as many disadvantaged people as possible.