Eli Lilly volunteers equipped a creative workshop and did landscaping work in the garden at the School 31, attended by 25 children from the Inocenti After-school program funded by United Way. Over 30 volunteers worked to make sure the kids have a warm and welcoming space to do their homework and to express their creativity. (see photo above)

Thanks to the 3M Romania generous investment, 40 children from low income families attend the Ghencea Community Center, project funded by United Way. Here children receive basic support (hygienic products, clothing, a hot meal per day and daily help with homework and educational activities. The team of 27 volunteers from 3M, helped to renovate the kitchen and the canteen that now is compliant with sanitary regulations and will provide the 40 children and other 200 elderly people a hot meal every day.

During Hilton’s worldwide initiative,“ Global Week of Service”, teams of volunteers transformed the rooms in the Special school no. 1 for hearing impaired children in Bucharest, while at Cluj another team refurbished a therapy room at the ‘Autism Transilvania’ Center, projects funded by United Way. Volunteers were excited to spend the day in the community and one of the volunteers, Cristina S., said: “we are so happy to be able to help these wonderful children!’

These are just a few examples of what can achieve a committed team of volunteers working to advance the common good, we thank them all!