With your support – donors, volunteers, partner companies and NGOs – United Way Romania helped in the past year 7.800 people in difficulty, offering them the chance for a better life.

  • 4.600 children kept going to school and lived healthier lives
  • 2.000 youth and adults learnt a trade, became better parents and achieved financial independence
  • 1.200 elders and people with health problem received the social and medical care they needed for a decent life

Along with them, 950 volunteers dedicated their time and resources to offer them support and encouragement through the toughest moments, worked together to arrange proper and enjoyable spaces for their activities and share bits of their knowledge with them.

We are proud of our accomplishments, of the social programs that grew by our side, of our partners and volunteers who stayed close throughout this time, of those who eagerly came along, but most importantly, of the people who managed to build a better future for themselves with our help.

United Way Romania’s team always enjoys working with so many dedicated people and thanks all of you. Together, we have succeeded again in making a positive impact in our community!