United Way Romania joined some other 290 United Ways and 12 countries supporting projects focused on education, income and health for the Day of Action 2014. Moreover, we broke the National Record of simultaneous Scrabble games and raised awareness on the importance of education for children at risk.

Our event on June 21st brought together children from the United Way projects along with volunteers for the biggest simultaneous Scrabble game in Romania. One of our goals is to ensure that children receive a quality education and the chance to a better future. The event was meant to help them learn new words and improve their spelling and arithmetics.

Therefore, we invited the community and  the volunteers from our corporate partners to help educate children. They spent several hours playing Scrabble together and at the end of the game, the children took the Scrabble games home. In Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca the event was held in two of the local schools that United Way partners with and in Timisoara it was hosted by the Viennese Ballroom.

A warm THANK YOU to our corporate partners who ensured our success – their services included storage and transportation of the Scrabble games and other materials, water and snacks for the participants, pens and Post-its to keep score, printing the Scrabble rules, cleaning services and more. Companies supporting the event included: TNT, 3M, Coca-Cola, HBC Romania, Xerox, Wave Division, Vertex Cleaning, Elixir Press, Astrid Media Production, Webspire, Prima TV, City Nights Bucharest and The Timisoara Viennese Ball Foundation.

Maria Neagoe, coordinator of a social project:

It was a great joy for us, children and adults to be a part of such an event. They were cought up by the game, although it seemed difficult at the beginning. Some of them have never taken the subway, even that was special for them. It was an amazing day!