It’s become a tradition to invite you all to join the United Way team at the Bucharest International Half Marathon, on 16th-17th of May 2015.

This year we will run and raise funds to support single mothers in need and their children.

Touched Romania, with United Way’s support, has been working for the past 10 years with single mothers, victims of domestic violence, poverty and/or social exclusion, by providing them with emergency shelter, counseling and help in finding a job to support their family.

We aim to raise 12.000 Euros to refurbish a transition center, where mothers coming out of the maternal support program can spend some time while they settle for an independent life and to open a counseling center where underprivileged families from the local community can attend parenting classes and learn how to prevent both physical and emotional child abuses.

To join our team, either as volunteers or as runners, please write to our colleague, Oana Blîndu – oana.blindu [at]! We guarantee lots of fun and nice surprises at the United Way stand :)

Info-pack runners Half Marathon 2015

Info-pack volunteers Half Marathon 2015