Did you Know that in Romania, over 50% of the children who can read, do not understand what they read? That there are children who graduate primary school and are not able to read fluently? Join out team at Timotion and support our project – Learn to Succeed. Education is the key for change!

If a child does not read fluently and does not understand what he is reading during his first years in school, the risk of school drop-out before he finishes highschool is 4 times higher.

This risk increases by up to 10 times when it comes to children born in underprivileged families. Children from families confronted with poverty, children who do no receive a proper meal, nor do they have a place to do their homework.These children are at risk of abandoning school and their future looks bleak. 75% of inmates are people who formerly dropped out of school…

United Way supports after-school projects and reading clubs in schools situated in poor neighbourhoods from Timiș country. The children receive a hot meal daily, do their homework, learn from professionals and mentors, discover new aptitudes and passions for reading, math or foreign languages. Education is, indeed, the only way to offer them a better future.

We invite you to support our program – Learn to succeed! – and to join our team at Timotion.

About Timotion

This is the fourth edition of Timotion, an event organised in Timișoara by Alergotura and Fundația Comunitară Timișoara. Subscribe for the competition online, during 29th of January and 8th of April. The races take place on April, the 22nd.

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Our supporters say

Călin George Silaș has been running for pentru United Way România at Timotion ever since the first edition of the event. We appreciate his support! Due to him and all those who will be (In)Motion for Education at Timotion IV, 75 underprivileged children from Timiș county will be able to go to school and continue their education. Why should we all support education? – Călin tells it better: ”It’s simple: it’s about our children, it’s about ourselves, it’s about the next generation, whom we entrust with our future. The future we envision depends on the way we educate our children!”