We all know that, in these times when the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting our lives, the poor and/or lonely elderly are the most vulnerable category, and they are now even more isolated and hopeless.

Mrs. I. is 84 years old and she was born into a poor family. Parents were always working the crops, so the brothers and sisters grew up helping each other, without too much school. Hoping for a better fate, Mrs. I. came in Bucharest. But life in the big city did not bring her the fulfillment she hoped for. She worked in constructions, until she retired because of an illness, got married, and then divorced. She had no children. So she is living alone in her sister’s house, where no relatives visit her. After a lifetime of work, worries and deprivation, she lives alone, having a small income and spending almost all her money on medicines.

The story of Mrs. I. is one like many others: the story of a lonely elderly. Forgotten by relatives, left behind by children who searched for a better life and neglected by a system where the pension is a promise, not a reality.

These days, the pandemic restricts us all freedom of movement, but the elderly like Mrs. I. are the most affected. That is why they need us more than ever. United Way Romania distributes, through its programs, food, hygiene products and, in some cases, medicines. But in order to provide support, we need your help!

How can you help:

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Help the isolated elderly!