Solidarity is always important, but especially when each of us is forced to isolate ourselves in order to be safe. In these times, when the Covid pandemic is affecting everybody’s lives, the non-affiliated amateur football club Dino FC donated $ 10,000 to United Way Romania Foundation. The donation will help 300 vulnerable elderly people in Bucharest and Cluj, who are much effected by the the Covid 19.

The pandemic affects us all, in the most unexpected ways, and the elderly need help more than ever. Seniors are the most vulnerable to illness and have to stay isolated. That is why they constantly need food and hygiene products, which will be assured also due to the involvement of our partner, Dino FC – whom we thank for the support!”, says Adriana Dobrea, Executive Director, United Way Romania.

Dino FC is a non-affiliated amateur football club, with almost 100 members. The club organizes four weekly games championships for them, has a team in the FRF Old Boys championship and organizes a series of international trips and friendly games every year.

The performance of our club is not measured with a display of trophies on the shelf. We come weekly to football to enjoy the activity, to meet old and new friends and to put up new football or social activities. But at the same time, we wish that a small part of the energy and resources gathered during each match of ours will go towards noble purposes, so that the whole society will have to win. During this time, our members decided to help the most vulnerable among us in the fight with Coronavirus”, says Călin Avram, President of the Association.

Many of the elderly in Romania face a lot of problems, from poverty and chronic diseases, to the burden of living in loneliness. The elderly population is growing in our country, the seniors have very low incomes, they cannot afford quality health services and, therefore, live their last years without dignity.

Through the health program for the elderly, United Way Romania helps those who have a precarious material situation and / or who live alone, with food, medicines or basic medical services.