At only seven, little N. is already a child bearing a rough fate. He has five brothers, his father works as day laborer and he definitely misses a loving and caring mother, because, due to mental issues, his mother is not able to be close to them.

Father is the only one who bears on his shoulders all the responsibility for raising and educating his children, with ages between three and eleven. The parent and his six children share two rooms from the paternal grandparents’ house, with very little space for the kitchen and the bathroom, which are improvised on a hallway. For these children, the most important thing that’s missing is the physical absence of their mother. The lack of motherly love has deeply marked the children.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, N. used to come daily, together with three of his brothers, at a center supported by United Way, where they were doing their homework, receiving a warm meal, school supplies and hygiene products. Also, they used to play with other kids and attend various activities, which stimulate and develop children’s ability to adapt to different life situations.

Due to the constant social and educational support received during the educational program offered by United Way Romania, this innocent soul remained in the family and in school. This was his chance to a better future. Even if he is only seven years old, he already knows what he wants to become – a fireman! Behind this option is the desire to rescue and help.

These days, when the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis changed the world we all live in, little N. can no longer go to school or to the day center. There are thousands of children like him, and the risk of dropping out of school due to material deprivation is higher than ever. 

Through its programs, United Way Romania continues, in times of pandemic, to support vulnerable children and their families, through online and offline distance education and helping with food and hygiene products. However, we need your support to help them. 

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