Dacris, one of the most important companies that offer office solutions, has chosen to be actively involved in supporting the education of children in Romania, by sponsoring United Way projects. For the past 11 years of partnership, Dacris has supported, both through donations and pro bono services, United Way programs designed to improve  the lives of children in need.

Recently, Dacris donated 21,000 protective masks to the United Way Romania Foundation. The masks are distributed to children, the elderly and staff of the United Way Romania programs in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and surrounding areas. 750 people will benefit them for a month.

The children enrolled in the Foundation’s education programs come from various disadvantaged backgrounds and the obligation to wear a mask in closed spaces is an additional concern for the little ones and their families, hard tried by the effects of the crisis generated by Covid-19. 515 children will receive almost 14,000 masks provided by Dacris.

35 pedagogues, teachers, social workers and other members of the teams involved in the educational process, who are approaching pupils during this period, can rely on a number of over 1000 protective masks, thanks to the Dacris donation.

The elderly, the most vulnerable category in this pandemic, also need protective masks. 6,000 masks donated by Dacris will reach 200 seniors from the health programs of United Way Romania.

In this time of unprecedented global crisis, United Way remains close to communities and helps the deprived children, vulnerable families and ill elderly with food and hygiene products. This support is possible thanks to the generosity of our partners like Dacris, who understood the need for support and acted quickly.

,,Children and the elderly, who are the most vulnerable people in this crisis, need protection. The 21,000 masks donated by Dacris are a real help for the over 750 disadvantaged people in the United Way Romania programs, who have limited material resources and, without proper protection, would be even more exposed to the disease“, says Adriana Dobrea, Executive Director of United Way Romania.

Dacris, a strategic partner of United Way România

In the last two months, Dacris’ mission has been to discover the safest solutions for partner companies, so that they can resume their work in compliance with the rules of social distance. In the Protecție și Siguranță category, on the Dacris.net website, you will find protective masks, disinfectants and sanitizers, bactericidal lamps, thermometers and everything else you need. A large part of these products are manufactured in Romania and have all the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Health.

In over 26 years of operation, over 4 million people and more than 15,000 companies have used one of the 1.7 billion products delivered by Dacris. Specializing in offering office solutions, Dacris reaches wherever there is #ViataLaBirou, even at #BiroulDeAcasa.

Beyond the business side, Dacris has always been involved in social support projects. ,,A business that only makes money is a poor business.” The quote belongs to Henry Ford and is one of the favorites of Lidia Fați, Co-Founder / Head of Strategy and New Markets Dacris. ,,We, as business leaders, also have the duty to be an example for others. And this is done by deeds. I feel privileged because I am part of a company where helping and being close to others are part of our values. I thank all my colleagues for being actively involved with us in United Way projects. And I would also like to thank all those who understood that being attentive to the needs of those around them should be a given, and not a gift. A normality, if you will. Being human it’s really the simplest thing in the world“, says Lidia Fați.

For over 11 years, Dacris has been a strategic partner of United Way Romania, supporting education programs, through substantial donations and pro-bono services.