Mrs. E., mother of two hard-working and kind kids, lives together with her family in a small village located in the Western Romania. Mrs. E. usually works as a part-time caretaker at the local kindergarten, and the children’s father works occasionally, whenever he finds something to do. However, after schools and kindergartens closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the only stable income of the family remains the children’s allowances.

Before the pandemic, children came regularly at the Day Centre financed by the educational program of United Way Romania Foundation and enjoyed every moment. Hard-working students, with good results they were ready to give the best answers and be the first to finish their homework both at school and at the centre, which satisfied teachers and especially the mother, that was very thorough that the kids get a good education. Mrs. E. knows how important it is that the two kids study. For her part, she was the first to show interest in the Parental Education program that is included.

Now, when the Coronavirus crisis affects all of our lives, Mrs. E.’s children keep their interest in long-distance education, show up at online lessons, and are as hard-working as before. Most of the times, they complete their homework the day they receive it and send the solved tasks to their teachers by photographing them.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed from a healthcare crisis to an economic crisis, and this is causing long-term consequences. Therefore, as in any other crisis situation, for the vulnerable people that were already in a difficult place, it now became worse.

The children enrolled in the educational programs of United Way Romania and their families receive, even during these times, help, which stands for food, hygienic products, social tickets, online lessons, or educational activities, and where necessary, emotional support to get through these difficult times. Mrs. E.’s family is thankful for this help. “During this situation, when the economy is at its lowest, any help is welcome, especially when you have kids. The social tickets that we received were of great help. Thanks to them, we were able to provide food for the kids, prevent them from feeling the crisis’ effects, and helped us welcome even the Easter Bunny. They were a great help! Thank you for making the impossible possible! Thank you for the all the help and advice!”, are Mrs. E.’s words.

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