Willing to help the most vulnerable people in the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, GSK Consumer Healthcare donated 55,100 lei to the United Way Romania Foundation. Thanks to this donation, over 165 elderly people in Bucharest received packages with food and hygiene products. Also, health protection materials were purchased for doctors and nurses who help patients in the first line, at Colentina Hospital in Bucharest.

A few months ago, 12,900 poor children, single mothers, disadvantaged young people and ill elderly people received, through United Way Romania’s programs, food, supplies, medicines and financial aid that ensured them a decent living and hope for the future. Today, the Covid-19 pandemic is here and everyone’s lives are affected.

Through the actions it carries out in this atypical period and with the support of partner organizations, United Way Romania reaches those who need help the most, offering them food, medicine or hygiene products. The elderly, the most vulnerable category to Covid-19, live in even greater isolation and need food, health care and medicine. Therefore, United Way Romania directed a part of the GSK Consumer Healthcare donation to the disadvantaged elderly, helping over 165 people to cope with this difficult period.

The donation also goes to the doctors and nurses on the front line. The foundation purchased 8,000 gloves, 17 protection suits, 1,100 NK95 masks and 200 pairs of googles, for the staff of Colentina Hospital in Bucharest.

GSK Consumer Healthcare also donated 3,000 pieces of toothpaste and 3,000 toothbrushes, which were distributed to disadvantaged communities in Bucharest – children in centers supported by United Way Romania – and patients hospitalized at the Emergency Hospital in Timisoara.

United Way Romania supports, through its health programs, seniors who have a precarious financial situation and / or who live alone, offering them food, emotional support, medicines or basic medical services.

GSK Consumer Healthcare is a strategic partner of the United Way Romania Foundation, the company’s collaboration with the foundation already having a tradition.

In this unprecedented period of crisis, vulnerable groups need help. United Way Romania Foundation makes every effort to identify and support disadvantaged communities, but without the support of our partners, like GSK Consumer Healthcare, these efforts would be unsuccessful. That is why we want to thank them for their involvement over time and for the help offered in these special circumstances“, says Adriana Dobrea, Executive Director of United Way Romania.