February 2020 has brought completely unexpected changes in our lives. We have gradually witnessed the absolutely unpredictable effects of the Coronavirus epidemic, which quickly turned into a pandemic, and we foresee long term consequences.

In this critical period, in which the health crisis has turned into an economic one, vulnerable people suffer even more. In 2019, United Way Romania helped, through its educational, health and integration programs for disadvantaged people in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara, over 12,900 souls to have a better life. Which today need even more support. Together with our partners we have found solutions to help them and we will continue to care for those in need.


Our numbers

Thanks to the generous support of our donors we have:

  • raised, in March, April and May 960.385 lei, from 9 companies: 3M, Metropolitan Life, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer, Profi Rom Food, Dino FC, Cymatics, Toro, Schneider Electric, KPMG and individual donors;
  • raised, in March, April and May food, protection masks, hygiene products with a total value of 86.439 lei, from 4 companies:  Dacris, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer, Auchan and Carrefour România;

That allowed us to:

  • help 980 deprived elderly and 90 families from Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara, by offering them food, hygiene and sanitary products;
  • distribute 21.000 protection masks to 750 children, elderly and personnel enrolled in the United Way Romania’s education and health programs;
  • offer 3.000 kits, containing tooth paste and brush, to children, youth and elderly enrolled in our programs, but also to hospitalized Covid-19 suspect patients;
  • distribute 50.000 protection gloves, 1.100 KN95 masks, 200 pairs of protection glasses and 100 protective overalls to the doctors, nurses and medical personnel who fight the disease in the first line, in 2 hospitals from Bucharest and Timisoara;
  • distribute 15 virtual avatars to 2 hospitals from Bucharest and Timisoara. Each medical avatar has a built-in tablet and helps doctors and nurses to video communicate with patients. In 2 months, a single device could eliminate up to 180 potential sources of infection;
  • support 125 vulnerable children and youth from Ploiesti, who live in extreme poverty, by offering them protection materials, food and hygiene products;
  • support 250 vulnerable children not to drop out from school, by implementing a long term program that will provide children with technological conditions for access to online education, but also packages that include food and disinfectants.

Through the actions United Way Romania carries out in this atypical period and with the support of partner organizations, the foundation reaches the people who need help.  This is possible thanks to those who understood that, in moments like these, solidarity is very important. Donations give us the opportunity to help those in need. We are grateful to all those who are helping the disadvantaged children, single mothers, families and elderly.


How to help

Donate HERE, using the code COVID.


Send VIITOR through SMS at 8844 and donate 2 euros monthly.


Donate through Pago, in app or website, when paying utilities, and choose United Way Romania’s cause:

Thank you!