United Way Romania and Metropolitan Life Foundation support the medical staff from the first line, who fight against SARS-CoV-2 virus (coronavirus), through the “Virtual Nurse” project and protective equipment, worth $ 25,000. “Virtual Nurse” is an innovative technology-based communication and warning solution for limiting exposure to healthcare professionals in contact with patients affected by COVID-19.

The “Virtual Nurse” project is a network of interconnected avatars having the appearance of medical staff, a “ready to use” solution from the first minute of installation, simple and sociable, each having an integrated tablet. With the help of these avatars, doctors and nurses can communicate video and through text with patients, having direct contact only in situations essential to their health. In 2 months, a single device can eliminate up to 180 potential sources of infection.

Thanks to the Metropolitan Life donation, United Way Romania Foundation distributed, in the midst of a pandemic, 15 virtual avatars, which reached 2 major hospitals in the country – Colentina Clinical Hospital in Bucharest and “Pius Brînzeu” County Emergency Clinical Hospital in Timișoara.

Also, together with the United Way Romania Foundation, Metropolitan Life donated in these hospitals over 40,000 protective gloves and 80 medical suits.

Metropolitan Life is a reliable partner of the United Way Romania Foundation and we want to thank them for being close us. In these times of unprecedented crisis, together we can help – especially in the first line, where the need for support is still very high “, says Adriana Dobrea, Executive Director of United Way Romania.