Raiffeisen Bank, a strategic partner of the United Way Romania Foundation, helped the vulnerable children enrolled in the organization’s programs to continue their education in 2020. 1080 children in different situations of vulnerability (who come from socio-economically disadvantaged families, single parents or are part of large families with several school siblings) have now a chance at a better future. Children are enrolled in the Foundation’s Learn to Succeed program, where decision-makers – parents, teachers, community leaders and volunteers – work together to prevent school dropout and ensure access to quality education for vulnerable children.

2020 has been an atypical year for everyone, and education is one of the areas most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. School closures have increased the risk of dropping out of school – already high before the pandemic.

Thanks to donations from Raiffeisen Bank employees, doubled by the company, vulnerable children did not interrupt their education during isolation. Through the United Way Romania programs, they continued to learn at home, either online, where they had the necessary resources, or by adapting their working methods. Families receiving food and material assistance at day centers before the pandemic received in 2020 food packages or social vouchers. Educators, social workers, teachers and volunteers kept in touch with the children, provided moral support to their parents, visited the families respecting the rules and provided them food and/or educational materials. They also received medical supplies, protective masks, disinfectants and medicines. 240 parents received, during the isolation period, essential support and 55 pedagogues took part in the education process.

2020 has been a difficult year in all areas, but especially in education. Vulnerable children, already at risk of dropping out of school, needed support more than ever. We thank our strategic partner, Raiffeisen Bank, for the sustainable collaboration and for supporting the children who, continuing the school, have a real hope for a better life”, says Adriana Dobrea, Executive Director of United Way Romania.

Every year, hundreds of Raiffeisen Bank employees join the company’s efforts and choose to donate every month, directly from their salary, for the vulnerable chidren’s education. We are happy to be able to contribute, together with our colleagues, to the United Way Romania Foundation programs for the prevention of school dropout ”, says Corina Vasile, Communication and Public Relations Director, Raiffeisen Bank Romania.