2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, but especially for the disadvantaged communities. The pandemic crisis has deepened existing problems – poverty, isolation, unemployment, lack of decent living conditions and, above all, access to education for deprived children.

Education is one of the areas hardest hit by the pandemic. For children from rural areas in particular, the lack of access to online education will create gaps that are difficult to recover. Physically isolated, without internet access, receiving no help with homework from parents and living in material deprivation, children in Romanian villages risk never returning to school. Or, at best, will struggle to catch up the subjects. This crisis has widened the gap between the level of education and learning of children in rural areas compared to those living in cities.

United Way Romania’s education programs help disadvantaged children not to drop out of school, to have access to online education and, thus, a chance for a better future. The foundation has constantly adapted its programs and pace to pandemic conditions. But there is still much to be done in the coming period.

2021 is the year of reconstruction and recovery. Let’s start the year with good deeds! Without additional costs or financial efforts, but through a simple gesture: redirecting up to 3.5% of the 2020 income tax to United Way Romania’s education programs.

How can you help?

Redirection is each taxpayer’s choice on how to use a small percentage (up to 3,5%) of the money he has already transferred to the state, as income tax in 2020. It does not involve additional costs. If one does not choose to support a specific cause, the entire amount will remain to the state budget.

To redirect up to 3.5% of your 2020 tax, send the completed and signed Form 230 in one of the following ways:

  1. Online – filled and sent to the email address: roxana.dui@unitedway.ro

How can you fill and send it online?

  • Download the 230 form HERE
  • Fill in the editable blanks
  • Sign using the electronic signature
  • In order to sign the online form, you must have downloaded the Adobe Reader application
  1. Printed and scanned, through email: roxana.dui@unitedway.ro;
  2. You can use the ANAF online service, Virtual Private Space (Spatiul Virtual Privat).
  3. Through postal services or courier, at the headquarters of the United Way Romania Foundation: Bd. Dimitrie Pompeiu, no. 6E, Pipera Business Tower, 6th floor, sector 2, Bucharest.
  4. Filled at the ANAF branch in your sector or city. 


Do you have income from independent activities?

For income from other sources (copyright, PFA, etc.): complete Declaratia Unica. After filling in your personal data add to section 6, point B the data United Way Romania: Fundaţia United Way România – Drumul Împreună România, Fiscal identification code of non-profit entity / cult unit: 16579546, bank account (IBAN): RO 67 RZBR 0000 0600 0510 0708.

Deadline for submission: May 25, 2021.