Single mothers. Physically and emotionally abused mothers. Scared mothers. Mothers living on the brink of subsistence. Mothers who could not go to school. Mothers without IDs. Sick mothers. And the children of each of them, who need maternal love, affection, food, clean clothes, toys, games and a home. And a chance to the future. But when the mother is struck by one or more of the situations described, the children also suffer.

They all belong to the category we usually call vulnerable or disadvantaged. For which the United Way Romania Foundation makes every effort to help them and ensure their stability.

420 single mothers, in various situations of vulnerability, are included in the integration program of the organization. It ensures real job opportunities and financial independence for vulnerable young people and adults through vocational counseling, qualification courses and financial education.

Vulnerable mothers are thus helped to find themselves and rediscover security and stability through access to various social care, medical, counseling and access to the labor market.

All this requires financial support. Single mothers need our help. Through donations, United Way Romania creates a stable environment for women, offering them both emotional counseling and shelter, food or basic medical services. Moreover, those who do not have a job or a qualification are also enrolled in educational programs and receive help to integrate into the labor market.

How can you support them? Donate on , using the code Mama.

Help a vulnerable mother to take care of her child!