In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Way Romania Foundation provided support for the safe return of children to school, through an important donation of 1,200,000 protective masks offered by the company Naguma Medical Supply SRL.

In February, United Way Romania sent 1,200,000 protective masks to schools, kindergartens, educational centers in Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara, and in neighboring areas. This required amount was calculated for a number of over 12,000 people, for a period of 3 months.

Thus, the protective masks were distributed to a number of 5,000 students, from over 30 partner schools and kindergartens, 4,000 children from vulnerable areas, who were provided with support in the educational centers, 800 elderly with a precarious financial situation, 1,500 adults and 400 disadvantaged young people, as well as 500 front-line specialists and volunteers.

“The pandemic has changed and affected everyone’s life, and children need our support and help to stay healthy and return to school safely. We wanted these protective masks to reach schools, kindergartens, educational centers as soon as possible and we want to thank our partner, Naguma Medical Supply SRL, for all the support offered and the donation made “, said Adriana Dobrea, executive director United Way Romania.

“We are honored to contribute to United Way’s efforts to support the education of children in Romania, providing them with protection in such a difficult time for all of us, but especially for the little ones. We would like to thank them for this opportunity and their trust.” said Ashton Topolinski, Naguma Digital Marketing Manager.

Through this action, United Way Romania supports the education and safe return of children to school and calls for social responsibility and solidarity, by maintaining standards of hygiene, protection and safety. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Way Romania Foundation, with the support of its partners, has started projects and actions both to support front-line medical staff and to protect people who are part of vulnerable and at-risk groups. 


If you want to participate in the actions started by the United Way Romania Foundation, you can do so through direct donations in the following accounts:

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