The first report, launched with the platform, highlights the most funded areas of civil society in 2020, but also how the pandemic has influenced the timing of civil society funding during the year.

The Donor Platform has been launched, the application that makes transparent the data on the financing from the non-governmental sector in Romania.

Created through the contribution of 15 of the main funders of civil society projects in Romania, to which are added 19 Community Foundations, the platform provides facilities for exploring and graphically visualizing data on funds for non-governmental organizations in all areas of interest.

This is the first time that major financiers have joined hands to bring greater clarity to strategic investments in the non-profit sector, thus becoming an essential information point on the allocation of financial support in specific areas of intervention, the identification of new financing opportunities. In areas still unexplored, as well as co-financing and the discovery of new non-governmental actors and their projects.

The Donors Platform is a project initiated by a coalition of 15 funders: Association for Community Relations, BRD-Groupe Société Générale and Foundation 9, Federation of Community Foundations in Romania, Foundation for Civil Society Development, Hațegan Foundation, Orange Foundation, Partnership Foundation, Foundation Vodafone Romania, ING Bank Romania, Kaufland Romania, Lidl Romania, PENNY Romania, Raiffeisen Bank Romania, Romanian-American Foundation and United Way Romania Foundation. The solution was designed, developed and managed by the Code for Romania association.

“United Way Romania has invested over 12 million euros in education, financial stability and health programs for disadvantaged people. We would not have succeeded if we had not enjoyed the support of thousands of donors, companies and foundations who trusted us.

In order to develop philanthropy in Romania, a climate of trust is needed, and trust is obtained through transparency and effectiveness. Therefore, we are honored to be part of the coalition that initiated this project and to contribute from the beginning with information about funding and its impact on the community. I invite other financiers to join us! ” – Adriana Dobrea, Executive Director of United Way Romania.

With the launch of the Donor Platform, the non-governmental sector and the general public will have access to a central information point with updated and standardized data, following a common taxonomy and a simple, permanent and consistent collection mechanism. The 15 founders make an open call to all active companies in Romania to join them in this endeavor and to opt for opening data in the platform to increase the degree of transparency in the sector and to have access to detailed information and the chance to build strategies. financing with a much greater impact for Romania.

Simultaneously with the launch of the platform, the group of funders also prepared a brief report, available at this link, which presents a first picture of the funds with which they supported the efforts of civil society in 2020, in a year of global crisis, in that the role of donors and non-governmental organizations has been vital for the entire population.

Until March 2021, data from 15 funders and 19 community foundations were opened in the Donors’ Platform, representing grants totaling 45.68 million euros granted to over 850 non-profit organizations and initiative groups.

“We believe that the Romanian civil society has already reached a high level of maturity, representing today more than ever a fundamental segment of Romanian society, which is largely due to the contribution of those who provide resources for the NGO sector to fulfill the mission. Many of the Code for Romania projects are designed to support civil society, and we believe the Donor Platform is an important step. By opening up the funding data, we will be able to be clear about the activity of the NGO sector, about its impact and we will be able to know which areas need additional resources in the coming period. ” said Bogdan Ivanel, CEO of Code for Romania.