The students of the gymnasium school from 1 Decembrie commune (Ilfov County) had two unique days. At the end of May, a group of volunteers from Dino Social Club visited them to discuss future careers with 8th graders and to read stories to primary school children.


The opportunity to talk to successful people in their careers was revealing for children and gave them the courage to look for their passion, which to turn into a profession. “At first, I didn’t know how to talk to the volunteers, especially since they are directors from various companies. In fact, when they came, we talked like between friends, they gave us advices … I liked it a lot. It really was great. “, Călin, an 8th grade student, confessed to us, after participating in the “Career Day”, in which the volunteers from Dino Social Club, company managers, shared in small groups their professional experience.


The passion for reading erases differences, whether social or age. It is the discovery made by primary school children at the Reading Club, organized in their school by volunteers from Dino Social Club. The event was a natural consequence of the involvement of the volunteers because, a year ago, the same team arranged the Reading Room in the school. “I want them to come again! I liked that we stayed outside, the volunteers read us some very beautiful books, with many pictures, I also told them what books I like. And I ate croissant.”, Miruna, 6, told us after a reading session.

Some of the volunteers from Dino Social Club came with their own children. “My father and I came to read to the children. I read them to second graders. I was impressed by their stories. I talked to a little girl who rarely sees her father, because he went to work abroad. It’s sad that a child doesn’t have parents by his side. I hope this day brought a little joy to the little girl.”, Flavia, 11, volunteer.

Dino FC supports the educational activities for the over 600 students of the school from December 1, Ilfov County, by purchasing educational materials and supplies. In addition, last year, the Association arranged the reading room and renovated and equipped the gym at the same school. Also last year Dino FC supported 300 vulnerable elerly from Bucharest and Cluj, in front of COVID19 pandemic. Thank you for these special days offered to children from United Way Romania programs! Thank you for caring!