For some children, the hospital becomes home because the disease they are struggling with keeps them in bed for months. For them, the slightest gesture of attention and affection is a celebration. That’s why Metropolitan Life has joined the United Way initiative to bring a smile to the faces of children in hospitals.

Since July, Metropolitan Life has been supporting the “Education and Play for Children in Hospitals” project. Through the project, 870 pediatric patients, who are struggling with serious diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, cancer, will participate in educational and clinical activities to reduce the emotional discomfort felt during the long-term hospitalization. The activities also aim to cover their educational needs. Last but not least, all activities aim to arouse interest in school for these hard-pressed children, in order not to drop out of school.

School in the hospital is not boring thanks to United Way partners. Languages, geography, mathematics and other useful subjects are taught in an attractive, dynamic and accessible way to children. In addition, theater specialists organize weekly theater, music and dance workshops, and fine arts experts work with children on the technique of drawing, modeling or origami. All in order to make the hospitalization time pass happier, easier and with less pain.

Volunteer action with Metropolitan Life employees

Metropolitan Life employees are, as we are used to, with those who need them. During the summer, they will donate to these children new educational sets and packages with objects of strict necessity. These will reach the children in the project at the beginning of the school year, also through the company’s employees. Educational games, books, encyclopedias, crayons and other basic supplies will help them get over the hospitalization time more easily through fun activities, and packages with necessary items during hospitalization, which will include pajamas, slippers, toys and toiletries. Personal hygiene will make your hospital stay more comfortable.

We do not have the power to change diagnoses, but with the help of Metropolitan Life we ​​can bring a smile to the faces of children in hospitals and he, that smile, can make their hospitalization and treatment, often aggressive, easier to bear.

Metropolitan Life has been a United Way partner for over 7 years. During this period, the company supported the vulnerable with over 3 million lei. Thank you for your involvement!