We all try to think ahead and make plans. But there are times in life when the immediate reality does not take into account any plan and completely changes priorities. This is what happened two years ago, when the pandemic began, and it is happening now, when the war started in the neighboring country and thousands of families left their homes to save their lives.

These are people who, until a few days ago, led a life similar to yours. They drank their coffee slowly or in a hurry in the morning. They would get dressed in the morning and get in cars, subways, or buses, to face the crowds on the way to work, or just put their office clothes and sit in front of the computer to work remotely. Like you, they would pick up and drop off their children from school, meet up with friends over tea or beer and discuss the same topics we talk about: covid, education, crisis, holidays … However, at dawn on February 24, all this balance was shaken, just as the windows and walls of the houses where they slept peacefully were shaken just a second before. The war had begun!

So far, tens of thousands of Ukrainians, mostly mothers with children, have crossed the border into Romania and tens of thousands more will cross in the next period, fleeing the war. A suitcase, fear and hope is all the baggage they take through customs. We can’t take the weight off their souls, but it is in our power to make their stay in Romania as comforting as we can, and to ensure that their basic needs are met.

For this we have set up an emergency fund that will allow us to intervene promptly and provide the necessary resources for refugees, adults and children.

We urge everyone who want to help, to contribute to this fund through sponsorships and individual donations. In this way we can quickly and efficiently cover the needs already identified: transport from customs centers to accommodation locations, food, certain medicines, sanitary products, pillows, sheets, blankets / sleeping bags, but also formula milk and diapers for children. We coordinate with our community partners and constantly update the list of needs in order to promptly provide what is needed at this time.

Support the Ukraine refugees who need your help.

For sponsorships you can contact us at adriana.dobrea@unitedway.ro and for online donations use the code Ukraine and donate HERE!

Every donation makes their stay in our country more comfortable and reassures them that the power of humanity overcomes the war!