Anyone in Romania who has a source of income can do good without costing them anything extra. This year we urge you, by redirecting 3.5% of the tax to United Way, to be the person the missing schoolbag for a vulnerable child. Without your help, these children risk dropping out of school, which will prevent them from having a good job later in life, and so they will need much more resources and support to recover. Numerous examples have repeatedly shown us that it is easier to prevent than to fix.

Join the effort to prevent early school dropout among children without opportunities and REDIRECT 3.5% of the tax to United Way educational programs. The phenomenon of dropping out of school has spread in parallel with the pandemic and now more and more families without opportunities are struggling to survive and do not make their children’s education a priority. Without constant support, these children will repeat the scenario of the life of their parents and grandparents, because they have no other examples around.

United Way’s educational programs provide the child with what he or she needs: help eith homework, access to non-formal educational activities, supplies, clothing, footwear, a warm meal, and they build a real support network around the child consisting of: teachers, volunteers and parents, all working together to ensure succes in the child’s educational process. Be part of this network and Redirect 3.5% of the tax for the benefit of children who want to continue their education but do not have enough resources.

How to redirect?

Redirection is the choice of each taxpayer on how to use part of the money he has already transferred to the state, as income tax in 2021. It does not involve additional costs. If you do not choose to support a specific cause, the entire amount will remain in the state budget.
To redirect up to 3.5% of 2021 tax, the completed and signed Form 230 can be sent to United Way as follows:

1. Completed online and sent by e-mail to:
• Download form 230 HERE
• Fill in the editable fields
• Sign using the electronic signature
• In order to sign the form online, you must have downloaded the Adobe Reader application.

2. Printed, signed in handwriting and scanned, by email, at:

3. Printed, signed in handwriting and sent by post or courier, to the headquarters of the United Way Romania Foundation: Bd. Dimitrie Pompeiu, no. 6E, Pipera Business Tower, 6th floor, sector 2, Bucharest.

4. Via ANAF online service, Virtual Private Space.

5. Filed at the ANAF branch in your sector or city.

Do you have independent income?

For income from other sources (assignment of use of goods, copyright, PFA, etc.): complete Declaratia Unica. After completing your personal data, add to section 6, point B the data United Way Romania: Fundația United Way of Romania – Drumul Impreună România, fiscal identification code of the non-profit entity / cult unit: 16579546, bank account (IBAN): RO67 RZBR 0000 0600 0510 0708.

The submission deadline is May 25, 2022.
Help children from disadvantaged backgrounds to go to school!

Thank you!