Lidia Fați

Lidia Fați

Lidia Fați is co-founder and Head of Strategy and New Markets Dacris, a Romanian company specialized in offering complete solutions for offices.

In its more than 28 years of activity, together with its 260 employees, Dacris opened offices in the most important cities in Romania, acquired a company in Timișoara and became a member of the Staples Global Alliance Partnership (now PBS). The largest companies in Romania, multinational and local, but also many small and medium-sized companies use the products and services offered by Dacris.

For over 11 years, Dacris has been a United Way supporter, and Lidia and Dan Fați are Tocqueville donors. Lidia is in her second term on the United Way Board. The constant concern for those around her led Lidia to closely study human behavior. First, she attended the NLP Practitioner and Master Course in London, supported by Richard Bandler, and now, she is a student in the 3rd year of the Faculty of Psychology. It is the third faculty that Lidia attends, after “Materials Science and Engineering” (Polytechnic) and “Finance-Banking” (ASE).



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