Adrian Mihai

FAN Courier is the leader of national fast courier market. Founded in 1998 by 3 Romanian entrepreneurs with 100% domestic capital, the company bears the name inspired by the initials of the 3 shareholders: Felix, Adrian and Neculai, in short: FAN.

Adrian Mihai was born on September 15, 1970 in the town of Fitionesti in Vrancea County. He graduated from the National Academy of Physical Education and Sports in 1996, and from 2001 joined the founding team FAN Courier. The “A” from FAN leads a team of more than 7000 employees, closely working on the development of the company by coordinating the Sales, Marketing and PR teams.

In 23 years, the 3 entrepreneurs invested over 135 million euros in the business and built the strongest fast courier company in the country. FAN Courier has been the leader of the fast courier market in Romania for 15 consecutive years, with a daily average of over 200,000 shipments.

Starting with March 2021, Adrian Mihai took over the responsibilities of CEO of FAN Courier.



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