The excitement of the beginning of the school year is still here. The joy felt is not complete, however, for children from poor communities and their families. For them, autumn is a difficult time, when the hard struggle for daily living overlaps with new shortages of school supplies, clothes and shoes. Without school supplies, vulnerable children risk dropping out of education and thus losing their chance for a better future.

To prevent this tragedy from happening, we are launching the traditional fundraising campaign to benefit United Way’s education programs: By abandoning school, poor children lose their chance for a better future.

Together, we can contribute to the return of as many disadvantaged children as possible to school, the only place where they can build for themselves a better future.

Last year alone, the education projects carried out by United Way Romania supported more than 8000 children not to drop out of school in order to have a better future.

How we approach education at United Way

Academic success is the result of a collaboration between parents, teachers and students. If at least one of these pillars is missing, education cannot succeed. That is why, at United Way, we involve all members. Parents benefit from constant support from our specialists so that they can provide the help their children need to learn at home. Teachers constantly participate in training sessions giving them the necessary tools to work with vulnerable categories, be they parents or children.

The warm meal or healthy snack offered to the students in the programs is an additional argument for the children to come to the after school activities that we carry out. Once hunger is no longer in the way of learning, children start doing their homework and teachers are there to give them support when needed. Non-formal activities, reading clubs, or learning trips complement the classic learning methods, and thus children love coming to our programs.

Once the student has mastered the subject, he can become a tutor for other classmates and help them with homework, thus children reinforce the accumulated knowledge and strengthen their relationship with peers.

Join our effort to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds to go to school.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Donate online HERE:
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Send an SMS: Text VIITOR via SMS and DONATE 2 euros MONTHLY to 8844

Help poor children not to lose their chance for a better future! Don’t let poverty stand in the way of education!

We thank the Cheil-Centrade team that helped us create the campaign spot and communication materials. We also thank Andra Gogan for the interpretation of the song “Podul de Piatră” in the spot.