If the beginning of the year is accompanied by a list of plans, then the end of the year is most often characterized by a look back at what we have achieved in the time that has passed. What have we changed, what have we improved, what have we taken out of our area of concern. Whatever we put on the list at the beginning of the year, whatever change we would like, one thing is certain, at the end, when we draw the line, we will find that everything we have achieved is actually a collective result. A kind word, support received at the right time, an encouragement or even an amount of money offered when it was much needed contributed to the success you are now adding to your list.

Just as things happen on a personal level, so are they at the community level. Nothing we have now is an individual victory. Everything is the result of a joint effort. Therefore, Change doesn’t just happen; it’s created together. And because only together we can build a better tomorrow, we invite you to create together the change we desire to see.

If you have also experienced the #poweroftogether, we encourage you to join our effort.

Together we can help more disadvantaged children not to give up on school

When all the concerns of the adults around them are how to survive today, education falls off the list of priorities, when in fact, only through education these children can have a chance at a better fate than their parents and grandparents had. Every extra day that children from vulnerable backgrounds spend in school brings them closer to a life they dream of, without deprivation, with security and with prospects.
If you want to rewrite the fate of one of these children, donate here, filling in the form the code “together for children”. Or send VIITOR via SMS to 8844 for a donation of 2 EUR.

Together we can offer the dignified old age they deserve to lonely seniors

After years of work, thousands of grandparents in Romania spend they retirement money on medicine and monthly bills, and only have a few money left to purchase groceries, sometimes all they can buy is bread. And maybe the lack wouldn’t hurt so much if they weren’t also lonely. Loneliness together with illness and poverty grind the elderly down little by little.
If you want to bring a ray of hope to the eyes of a lonely elderly, donate here, filling in the form the code “together for the elderly“.

Together we can help more vulnerable young people find their way in life

The environment creates the perspectives. In both senses, in the way vulnerable young people see life, but also in the opportunities that open to them. Often, the examples around them are not always ones that inspire them towards effort and professional development. That is why they remain stuck in scenarios without prospects, without real chances to break away from the context in which they grew up.
If you want to offer a better future for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, donate here, filling in the form the code “together for youth”.

Change doesn’t just happen; it’s created together – we would be very happy if, in that list where you note the successes of this year that passes with every grain of sand from the hourglass, you could also say that together with United Way you changed for the better the life of a child, an elderly or a young person.