Since 2004, United Way Romania has been working in the three areas that we believe form the basis of a better life: education, socio-professional integration and health. Only last year, with the support of our partners, we managed to change more than 13,500 destinies – children from disadvantaged families received educational support, young people, single mothers and vulnerable adults were supported to develop new skills and find a job, children, adults and elderly in distress with various conditions received care to improve quality of life. In such an unstable time, the involvement of every individual and company is vital and valued.

At United Way Romania, we strongly believe that the environment in which people were born should not determine their fate, that every person deserves a chance to a better life and that the power of change is in each of us! We just have to use it!

None of what we have accomplished so far would have been possible without support.

If you also believe that:

  • All children have the right to education, regardless of their background,
  • All youth deserve to have a job and be able to support their family,
  • The elderly deserve to have a dignified old age.

Redirect 20% of profit tax to United Way Romania until December 31, 2022! Together we will:

  • Support children from low-income families to stay in school and continue their education,
  • Give a change to youth and families to find and keep jobs and reach financial independence,
  • Continue to be that ray of hope for the lonely elderly who face poverty and illness.

Let us share with you Andra’s  story. An accident changed her life. Now she is learning again to find a place among her peers

 Until recently, Andra was part of a happy and harmonious family, with her two parents and her younger sister. She liked to go to school and connected with her friends. However, a tragic accident took the life of their father. Suddenly, the world as she knew it ceased to exist.Because of the reduced income, they had to move from the apartment they were renting and each girl had her own room, to a small room in the maternal grandfather’s apartment. In that same room they eat, sleep, and do their homework.The brutal and unexpected way in which the father disappeared from the lives of the girls and their mother left its mark on Andra the most. The 9-year-old girl, once cheerful and communicative, became withdrawn, depressed, she lost her focus, and this led to very poor school results, thus Andra was at risk of dropping out of school.

United Way supports Andra

When her future was at stake, Andra’s chance was United Way Romania’s educational program. Here Andra received help from specialists to restore her emotional balance, but also everything she needed to continue her schooling: help with homework, a warm meal every day, school supplies, clothes and shoes. The gentleness of the pedagogues helped Andra and her family to get back on their feet, restoring their hope for tomorrow. Any child’s life can take a turn for the worse for a myriad of reasons. Without real opportunities, children from disadvantaged backgrounds will not be able to finish school, have a qualification, access to the labor market and a stable income; they will not have the chance to build a future.In such situations, support through education is the only viable long-term solution.It is in your power to help. Contribute so that Andra and children like her can have the support they need through United Way’s educational programs.Every donation changes destinies!

If investing in education, health or socio-professional integration is also important for your company,

Redirect 20% of profit tax to United Way Romania until December 31, 2022:

  • Taxpayers who carry out sponsorships, according to the law, have the possibility to reduce the profit tax due to the state budget, up to the limit of 0.75% of the turnover (percentage applicable starting with July 29, 2019), but not more than 20 % of corporate income tax due. The facility also applies to micro-enterprise income taxpayers, up to a limit of 20% of the tax due.
  • Sponsorships carried out in 2021 that exceed the limit of the financial and fiscal year 2021 are the last amounts of this nature that can be carried forward and used in the future, until 2028.
  • Complete the sponsorship contract and send it to Bd. Dimitrie Pompeiu no. 6E, Pipera Business Tower, floor 6, sect 2, 020337, Bucharest, or by email, in attention of Adriana Dobrea:, 0734 020 674.

Thank you for your involvement!