Spring is the symbol of new beginnings. And who better reminds us of beginnings, if not mothers? They give birth; they are there to encourage the first steps, the first words, the first initiatives. And they are also there at the first blows, the first disappointments. Not coincidentally, the season of revival is associated with women.

We know that these days, each of us direct all our good feelings to the women who have made their mark in our lives. Now is the best time to send a good wish to single mothers as well. To those mothers who start each day with the thought of staying strong for their children, because they can only rely on themselves. That is why we urge you: offer your support to a single mother and her child!

Many of the vulnerable mothers that we help are victims of domestic violence, who left the abusive partner with only their children in their arms and their fate in their hands. To succeed, they have to overcome many traumas and at the same time to represent a pillar of safety for their children. The effort to get back on their feet is enormous, but their children, who depend only on them, are their main motivation to fight for the life they deserve.

United Way helps single and disadvantaged mothers in times of crisis. Specifically, we provide them with shelter, food and basic medical services, help them return to education, find a job to support themselves, provide them with psychological counseling to overcome the trauma of the abuse, and give them the tools to become stable on their own feet.

In addition, their children, with the right support, are integrated in school or kindergarten, they receive psychological counseling, but above all, they are happy that they finally have a peaceful mother by their side.

All this requires a lot of aid, which we can provide with your help. That is why, during women’s month, we encourage you to:
Offer your support to a single mother and her child!

Donate here: recurring or one-off, using the code MAMA.

How does each donation help?

30 lei represents a baby bottle/water bottle for a child;
60 lei represents a box of formula milk for a child;
100 lei is the cost of diapers for a baby for 2 weeks;
200 lei is the average value of a package containing hygiene products offered to a mother and her child for two weeks;
300 lei is the average value of a food package for a mother and her child for two weeks;

Any donation sends a message to mothers that they are not alone and gives them the strength to keep fighting to give their children the future they deserve.

Thank you!