Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Bucharest, in each of these cities volunteers from the company Ursus Breweries visited in March the young people with disabilities whom United Way Romania supports to integrate into the community. One of the strategic directions of United Way is socio-professional integration of vulnerable people, and in 2022 no less than 2,350 people received help in this regard.

The visits of Ursus Breweries volunteers were not just for courtesy; they have actually done a lot of work. When the weather allowed, they set up the outdoor spaces working alongside with the beneficiaries, and if it rained outside, the activities moved inside.

Artistic moments, sports competitions and workshops in Cluj-Napoca

Voluntarii Ursus


Some of the 14 Ursus volunteers had never interacted with young people with disabilities. They were surprised to find cheerful, joking and very friendly people at the center. Therefore, good communication was established from the beginning. The volunteers enjoyed the presentation of some artistic moments prepared by the beneficiaries. Good will, dancing, applause, but also a few tears of enthusiasm were part of the day. Then groups of young people and volunteers sat down at the tables to make decorative objects, paintings, Easter greetings to be displayed at the center’s social shop. Sports competitions between mixed teams followed, where, of course, friendship won. At the end, the volunteers offered a package of sanitary products to each of the 21 young people from the center. The visit ended with the promise of a future meeting, this time outdoors.

Ursus Breweries volunteers set up a garden at the center for young people with disabilities in Timișoara

voluntarii Ursus Timișoara


10 employees of the company and 15 young people with disabilities transformed the courtyard of the modular houses, where 4 beneficiaries live, who are adults with disabilities.Over the course of a day, together they assembled a garden pavilion with benches. During the sunny days, the young people will be able to sit there in the shade, tell stories and even have a snack. In fact, once the pavilion was set up, it became the very place where the volunteers and young people shared a meal.After the break, work continued. The volunteers planted flowers in pots and planters and varnished the wood that covers the exterior surface of the modular houses to ensure protection against decay and bad weather. Now the yard has a welcoming appearance and it is very much loved by the beneficiaries. At the end of a day of excellent work done as a team, the volunteers provided packages with food and hygiene products to all the young people in the center.

Exhibition of greeting cards and a yard cheered up by colors and flowers at the center in Bucharest

voluntarii Ursus Bucuresti


In Bucharest, 14 Ursus volunteers visited a socialization center dedicated to young people with mental disabilities. After a few ice-breaking moments, the group of volunteers split into two. One part remained in the center and the rest went out into the yard.Inside, at the tables, youth and volunteers created spring-themed cards, inspired by background music, and socialized. The result of the work materialized through an exhibition of which the young people were very proud.Outside, volunteers cleared the grounds and dug the center’s garden, planted various decorative plants and painted benches and the courtyard fence. The weather was great and suitable for this activity and several young people were just the right helpers of the volunteers throughout the activities.After work comes the reward, therefore all 22 young people from the center received packages from the “bunny messengers”, with food, sanitary products and a pair of pajamas. The day ended with the promise of a new visit.

We thank the groups of volunteers from Bucharest, Timișoara and Cluj-Napoca for their effort, involvement and emotion with which they participated in these meetings with the young people with disabilities that we support!