The last years have shown us that great challenges can only be overcome together. The power of community creates lasting change, but also a network of support and trust. That is why we invite you to be part of the United Way Romania community, which annually helps over 11.500 people in need.  In addition, in 2022 we also supported over 34,000 refugees from Ukraine.

You can do good at no cost, just by redirecting 20% ​​of your profit tax to United Way Romania until December 31, 2023!

Together we can offer support to:

  • Children from vulnerable backgrounds who want to go to school.
  • Young people who want a job to support their family.
  • Elderly who deserve to have a dignified old age without any shortages.

A thriving community is the responsibility of all its members. That’s why, since 2004, United Way Romania with the help of its partners, small, medium and large companies, has been carrying out projects in the areas of education, health and financial stability so that even the most vulnerable members of our community have a chance for a better life.

We have created a true network of help.

Through our programs, we support vulnerable children by helping them with homework, food, clothes, and school supplies. Disadvantaged young people are supported to continue their education and subsequently to find a job. The elderly we visit seem to smile more, because they receive food, medicine, psychological support, medical assistance and sanitary products from us. And all these efforts are only possible thanks to people like you, who offer their financial contribution.

 Be part of the change for the better and redirect 20% of your profit tax to United Way Romania until December 31, 2023!

  • Taxpayers who carry out sponsorships, according to the law, have the possibility to reduce the profit tax due to the state budget, up to the limit of 0.75% of the turnover (percentage applicable starting with July 29, 2019), but not more than 20 % of corporate income tax due. The facility also applies to micro-enterprise income taxpayers, up to a limit of 20% of the tax due.
  • Sponsorships carried out in 2021 that exceed the limit of the financial and fiscal year 2021 are the last amounts of this nature that can be carried forward and used in the future, until 2028.
  • Complete the sponsorship contract and send it to Bd. Dimitrie Pompeiu no. 6E, Pipera Business Tower, floor 6, sect 2, 020337, Bucharest, or by email, in attention of Adriana Dobrea:, 0734 020 674.

You can read more technical details in the brochure available HERE

Thank you so much for your involvement!