A small gesture can have a big impact. REDIRECT 3.5% of the tax to United Way Romania’s education programs and help a child from disadvantaged communities go to school. Your support today gives them the chance for a better tomorrow, and for all of us, the chance for a more prosperous society.

In vulnerable communities, the effort to provide the family with a meal every day is very high on the list of priorities. On the other hand, education constantly remains outside this list, although education is the only one that can break the vicious circle of poverty in which the children of these communities are trapped.

United Way takes a complex look at the problem of school dropout. To create the right learning environment for children, we work not only with them, but also with the significant adults around the children – parents and teachers. In this way, children are supported on the path of education. Material aid, help with homework, access to non-formal educational activities, supplies, clothing, shoes, a warm meal are just some of the ways we support pupils from families in difficulty.

Redirect 3.5% of the tax and support children from poor communities to go to school

Redirection is the choice of each taxpayer on how to use some of the money they have already remitted to the state as income tax in 2023. It does not involve additional costs. If you do not choose to support a specific cause, the entire amount will remain in the state budget.

To redirect up to 3.5% of the tax for the year 2023, complete the following steps:

  • Download form 230 HERE
  • Complete the editable fields
  • Send it to United Way România or ANAF as follows:
    1. By e-mail to the address: office@unitedway.ro. Once completed, the form can be signed using the electronic signature, and to be able to sign the form online, you must have Adobe Reader Or it can be printed, signed in pen, scanned/photographed, and sent to us.
    2. Printed, signed in pen and sent by post or courier, at the headquarters of the United Way Romania Foundation: Bd. Dimitrie Pompeiu, no. 6E, Pipera Business Tower, 6th floor, sector 2, Bucharest.
    3. Through the ANAF online service, Virtual Private Space.
    4. Submitted to the ANAF branch in your sector or city.

The submission deadline is May 27, 2024.

Help children from disadvantaged backgrounds go to school!
Thank you!