To be strong, to offer comfort, to give courage, to be gentle, to provide meals for children, to help them with their homework, to give children a safe roof over their heads, to protect them – these are only a small part of the long line of responsibilities that fall on one pair of shoulders, that of the single mother.

Being a parent is hard work every day. Being a single parent is an act of heroism. Therefore, in women’s month we direct our efforts towards mothers who raise their children without help, mothers who are not allowed to get sick, who cannot afford to be weak, who cannot take off their armour in any context and who stand strong for their children no matter what. The enormous effort they make should not be overlooked.

That’s why, during Women’s Month, we urge you to give hope to a single mother and her child.

Among the vulnerable mothers we support are victims of domestic violence, who closed the door of a home behind them, but also of a space full of physical and emotional abuse. They took their children by the hand and stepped into the unknown, with fear, with much doubt, but also with the firm decision not to look back. They were not born with this power, they became so, because their own survival and that of their children is at stake.

United Way Romania supports single mothers who need to put themselves back together in order to move forward. Long hours of therapy, career guidance, continuing education, resolving paperwork issues, shelter, food, basic medical services, all to give them the confidence they need to move on. The children are helped as well to be integrated in school or kindergarten, they receive psychological counselling, to find the harmony that they have lost or that they have never known.

Join United Way! Together we can give hope to a single mother and her child.

Donate HERE using the code Mother.

How does each donation help?

  • 30 lei represents a baby bottle/water bottle for a child;
  • 60 lei represents a box of formula milk for a child;
  • 100 lei is the cost of diapers for a baby for 2 weeks;
  • 200 lei is the average value of a package containing hygiene products offered to a mother and her child for two weeks;
  • 300 lei is the average value of a food package for a mother and her child for two weeks;

The family is well if the mother is well, affirms a saying. Help a mother be well.

Thank you!