We are excited every time we can create an opportunity for the children we support to learn in new contexts. That is why we were very happy when United Way children were invited by Ashton Topolinski, whose family is a Tocqueville level donor, to visit the Intero Pajurei showroom. During their time at the premises, children saw a model of a house and started an enthusiastic discussion about how houses would look like if they were built by children. To their surprise, they were invited to do exactly that, to create the house of their dreams using paper, colors and scissors. The children also made greeting cards on the theme of spring.
In addition to the creative activities, the children enjoyed pizza and fluffy doughnuts, together with Intero staff members. The table became a place to connect and share stories, where the little ones could relax and make new friends.
At the end of the day, each child received a surprise bag full of delicious sweets and special gifts.