All children have the right to education, regardless of the environment they were born in. However, in Romania only a third of vulnerable children graduate primary school. If their parents struggle with everyday life, children’s education does not come as a priority. Without real opportunities and constant access to education, the majority of these children are at risk of becoming adults with economical difficulties, unable to support their families.

United Way takes a holistic approach to developing educational capacity. Education is more than just a classroom or a teacher. In order for youth to receive a quality education, it takes the focus and resources of the entire community to create learning-rich environments where dreams are fueled and opportunities are delivered to those who need them.

Our main programs in education are Learn to Succeed and Nesting a Brighter Future.


Our Learn to Succeed program involves all decisive factors in a child’s development (i.e. parents, teachers, key– members of the community, volunteers) to work together to solve the school abandonment, which is not a child issue, but a community one. When a child goes to school, the chance to succeed is not only his, but reflects the entire community.

Children from vulnerable families are assisted to go to school and to improve their grades – they receive help with homework, educational materials and daily meals; they are involved in physical and extracurricular activities (trips, creative

workshops, etc.).

During Parents’ Academy meetings, we discuss the child’s need to be supported through educational activities, the importance of positive parental education, the implication and prevention of domestic violence and children’s rights.

During the Teachers’ Academy meetings, we debate the most appropriate pedagogical approaches when it comes to disadvantaged children, and we set the basis for real and constructive communication between parents and teachers.

In 2019, United Way Romania supported 6,500 underprivileged children to continue their education.


The main objective of this 5-year program is establishing and supporting 12 Community Centres that will act as community hubs for enhancing the educational role in the community’s development. Built upon the best practices of our Learn to Succeed program, supported by the Velux Foundations and Globalworth Foundation and taking into consideration the lesson-learned, the Nesting a brighter future for children program developed a 5-year integrated intervention model, designed to generate lasting changes in the communities. The goal of the program is reducing the school drop-outs rate in the targeted communities, while improving the relationship inside the community-school-family circle and put the children at the core of it.

In the 12 Community Centres  established  in Urlati, Fundulea, Baicoi, Jilava, Padureni, Cluj-Napoca (Pata-Rat), Sanandrei, Masloc, Carani, Semlacu, Bucovat, School no. 20 Timisoara), 2.700 children, 2.160 parents and 540 teachers will be involved (over the 5-years program) in over 1,700 educational activities.