Thanks to United Way programs, children, young people, adults and the elderly with serious health problems benefit from medical and social care. A large part of the elderly in Romania face numerous problems, chronic diseases, poverty, loneliness. The elderly population is growing in our country, the elderly live on very low incomes, cannot afford quality health services and therefore live their last years without dignity.

Through United Way’s health programs, these people are helped with food, medicines or basic medical services. Elderly people who can’t move get regular visits from medical teams or have access to telemedicine services.

Children requiring long-term admissions also receive psychological counselling, art and play therapy, as well as basic medical support, rehabilitation and physical therapy.

In 2021:

1,487 children, adults and the elderly benefited from basic medical services, received consultations, treatments and medical recovery services free of charge and home care;
1,247 people received material support for access to investigations and treatments;
533 people benefited from social assistance and counseling;
819 children, adults, the elderly, as well as their relatives benefited from counseling and psychological assistance;
265 people received home care and medical recovery services.