On the road to self-reliance


”On the road to self-reliance” – our main program for social and professional integration

The ”On the road to self-reliance” program has become a model of an integrated approach that provides real job opportunities and financial independence for vulnerable young people and adults through professional counseling, training courses and financial education.
It is designed as an integrated intervention program, aimed at transforming the beneficiary from a vulnerable individual, dependent on social assistance, into an active member of the community, financially independent.
Activities in the program include: qualification courses, vocational and career counseling, skills development training, workshops and individual work sessions on practical topics (how to write a CV, how to search for a job on the Internet, how to you show up for the interview, etc.) or job shadowing actions, whereby a young person from the program accompanies an employee of a company for a working day.

The Covid-19 pandemic transformed, since the first half of 2020, into an economic crisis continued in 2021. This led to an increase in unemployment, a decrease in the number of jobs, a change in the dynamics of the job market and, of course, to frequent changes in the way the program is carried out.
That is why we have constantly adapted to the conditions imposed by the context:

■ Internships for young people were among the most affected activities as no
could be carried out online and therefore required mobilization and sustained effort on the part of specialists. Discussions were held with employers so that they would not give up the internships;
■ We looked for and identified solutions for qualification courses that cannot just run
online. Thus, we combined the theoretical notions, taught virtually, with the practical ones, carried out in a physical format, in smaller groups;
■ We supplemented the material support for young people and adults whose incomes decreased due to the transition to the part-time program, the closing of the locations where they worked, especially in the Horeca area. We have provided them with food packages, accommodation grants or one-off support according to need.