Leadership Giving

Leadership giving membership and recognition is granted to individuals who contribute annually with 1,000 USD or more to the United Way cause.


Joining the United Way Major Giving Program isn’t only about becoming a benefactor, but is also about being part of a caring and responsible group of people that have the desire, power and ability to shape the future and improve our community.

Thank you to all those who already support United Way Romania:

Mari Kano Klemm, Ciprian Lăduncă, Alexandra Florea and Matei Florea, Ileana Farmache, Bogdan Bibicu, Adriana Stoica, Cristian Popescu, Vikram Dixit, Victor Geus, Călin Avram, Irina Kubinschi, Florin Lincaru, Monica Udrescu, Cristina Grigorescu, Ramona Jurubiță, Aura Giurcăneanu, Raluca Soare, Cezar Furtună, Felix Daniliuc, Jeff Sullivan, Mirel Pleșca, Cristina Popescu, Maria Tomescu, Mechtild Gollnick and other 3 major givers who chose to remain anonymous.

Community change requires commitment and leadership. United Way Romania thanks to its most generous contributors, as they set an example in today’s Romania. Their gift speaks about the vital importance of people with outstanding contributions and about individuals who assert their deep commitment to the community, creating therefore a culture of giving in our country.

Every year, these committed contributors’ investments represents almost 10% of the total funds raised by United Way Romania.

For more information, download: The United Way Leadership brochure