Success Stories

Last year, United Way Romania, with its donors, volunteers, partner-companies and partner -organizations, helped improve the lives of over 6,500 people – 6,549 to be precise:


Mihai* is a 9 years old boy in the 3rd grade at school; he lives together with his mother and 2 younger brothers in a small room without heating. Since he joined the day care center supported by United Way, he eats there a hot meal every day, gets support with the homework and receives monthly school and basic food supplies, so that he can go to school like any other child and successfully finish the 3rd grade.

Just like Mihai, your contribution helped another 4.499 children stay in school or benefited from informal education activities; they received the tutoring, nutrition and medical attention they needed to succeed.


Mrs.N* is 78 years old and due to several medical conditions, is confined to bed and rarely gets up to move in the small apartment she lives. Her children died 6 years ago and the pension she has after her late husband (530 lei) barely covers the costs with housing and are never enough for medication too. With United Way support, she is regularly visited by a team of medical assistant and social worker that offer her the needed medical treatment and some of the expensive medicines prescribed by a doctor. She also received a walking device so that she can walk better in the room and receives monthly packages with basic food supplies.

Mrs.N is one of the 844 people with low income and health problems that received medical care, social and material support due to your contribution to United Way.


Mihaela*is a victim of domestic violence and abuse; she is also a mother of two: a 5 year old girl and a 14 months old boy. At the maternal center supported by united Way, she received free housing, psychological support and a hair-dresser professional training, while her children were safe at the nursery. Recently she started working so she will be able to continue her life independently, together with the children.

Just like Mihaela, another 1.205 young adults facing difficult situations or homelessness, got a chance to become independent.

Also, other 798 family members – children, parents, siblings – received help with homework, psychological and professional counseling, medical assistance, medical treatments, hot meals or packages with basic food supplies.

Whether they were single mothers, children with autism, adults living in the streets, elders without income, youth with disabilities or students who have no support from their family to continue their education, they all found with United Way Romania and our partners the help they needed so they can have a safer and more dignified life and discover their potential.


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