United Way volunteers bring added value in the projects. They share their knowledge with the implementing teams and help them become more efficient and they create a better environment for the beneficiaries. Not least, they understand better the problems that these people are facing and why we all need to act like a community in order to help them overcome the difficult moments.

Over 10% of UWRo donors are also volunteers and help us in fundraising events, as well as in various activities in the projects.

United Way Romania has been for some years now among the charity partners of the Bucharest International Half Marathon and Marathon. Every year, hundreds of runners and volunteers enrolled in our team, contributed to the organization of the event and raised funds for our education projects.


Day of Action

On June 21, United Ways all around the world celebrate the Day of Action, the summer solstice, when people have the most time to to good deeds.

In 2014, we promoted education through play and we tried to break a World Record, together with over 800 volunteers and children, for the largest number of Scrabble games played simultaneously.