May 17th at the United Way was an impressive deployment. 133 Metropolitan Life volunteers divided into three teams to give a cheerful and fresh look to three educational centers where children from vulnerable backgrounds are supported.

In these centers, children receive homework support to bridge the knowledge gap. They also participate in non-formal education activities that help them discover the world in new and creative ways. Last but not least, the meal they receive here is an important incentive for these children, who sometimes don’t eat anything else that day.

The activity started synchronously in all 3 educational centers.

Playground and educational space for 200 children from Ferentari

In Bucharest, volunteers decorated the outdoor courtyard of the private social school supported by United Way, in the Ferentari neighborhood, where 200 children from families with social and economic problems learn for free. The action offered children a safe place to play and a space dedicated to outdoor educational activities. The volunteers painted the fences, planted shrubs and flowers, removed the old tiles from the playground and prepared the ground so that rubber could be poured, demolished a bathroom and painted the playground equipment.

A green space for 50 children from Buftea

At Buftea, the volunteers transformed a 110 sqm yard into a green space where 50 children from vulnerable backgrounds, supported by United Way, can play safely and participate in non-formal educational sessions outdoors. They decorated the space with artificial grass, clovers, shrubs and flowers, painted a gazebo and a wooden house for the children to play. They also leveled the yard.

An optimal setting for 36 children from Odobești

In Odobești, the volunteers completed the arrangement of the outdoor space of the Service Center for the 36 socio-economically disadvantaged children and families. They painted the playground, gazebo, fence and interior paneling of the center.
Through their active involvement, Metropolitan Life and United Way Romania volunteers have created oases of joy for children, offering them a safe and friendly environment for playing, learning and socializing.

We are happy to share with you the effort of our volunteers, documented in the film below.

The world, over 25 years

In addition to transforming the outdoor courtyards, Metropolitan Life volunteers participated with the children in drawing and creative activities. Through drawings, the children illustrated how they imagine the world in 25 years. The future will be full of color, hope and flying cars, was the conclusion of those who participated in the workshops.
We thank each individual volunteer for coming to the educational centers with good spirits, energy and open hearts to provide children with spaces to run, express themselves and dream.